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Below are videos that were posted on YouTube before and after Bryce's death.

God Bless all of you who loved Bryce enough to take the time to make these videos!

For the 3 Part video presentation posted by Bryce's Mom please Click Here.

Posted on YouTube on May 25, 2006
Posted on YouTube September 29, 2006
Bryce and Matt
Posted on YouTube December 3, 2006
Posted on YouTube January 15, 2007
In loving memory of bryce herrera
Posted on YouTube July 28, 2007
Bryce Herrera
Posted on YouTube on December 21, 2008

Herrera family motto: I refuse to waste any more time or energy on shallow living, petty thinking, trivial talking, thoughtless doing, useless regretting, hurtful resenting, or faithless worrying.
God bless this person in whatever it is that you know that he or she may be needing this day.